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White wines

Sladić Maraština

High-quality dry wine, 14,0%, Winery Sladić, Plastovo, Skradin

Maraština is an indigenous variety, grown in vineyards of Plastovo near Skradin. All grapes are hand picked from family vineyards, nourished with love thought that combines tradition & modern knowledge. Deep golden in color, with scents of almond flower, ripe pear and meadow flowers. On the palate, the wine evokes all the charm of Mediterranean character: sunny citrus, garrique and karst limestone minerality. Complex and serious - yet simply pleasant.

Pošip Korta Katarina

Top-quality dry wine, 13,0%, Riviera Orebić, Pelješac

Golden-greenish color in the glass provides an appealing appearance of this posip wine. It has an intense citrusy scent, mixed with white stone fruits and field flowers. Full and delicious, with a gentle bitterness. Extremely fresh and easy drinking. Ideally served with seafood dishes, particularly with shells and crabs.

Krajančić Pošip Intrada

Top-quality dry wine, 13,4%, Island of Korčula

Sommelier favorite from Eastern Europe Wine & Spirits Magazine “A succulent white from the pošip variety grown on the island of Korčula, this is lush and elegant, with bright orange marmalade flavors and a broad richness that brings pine nuts to mind”. – Tara Q. Thomas, Wine & Spirits

Bire Grk Organic wine

Top-quality dry wine, 13,5%, Island of Korčula

In addition to Pošip, Grk white grapes are certainly the most important and most potent Dalmatian sort, and with no doubt one of the synonyms of the island of Korčula. Unlike those who come from the red sand, Bire”s Greek grapes grow from the stone and thus the freshness and minerality but what is perceived as pleasant saltiness on the palate.

Korak - Chardonnay & Pinot gris cuvee

High-quality dry wine, 13%, Plešivica-Okić

Gold “look“ represents the color of success, achievement and triumph. Bouquet range is from dried fruits-nuts notes to the orange zest, while simple peachy fruitiness in the mouth showing its youthful and perky side. In the mouth it does not last long, but calls for more…

Galić Sauvignon Blanc

High-quality dry wine, 12,5%, Kutjevo

Completely dry medium-bodied wine with aromas reminiscent of freshly cut grass and asparagus with traces of melon. It has balanced pronounced herbal aroma and freshness. Sauvignon Blanc is valued and widespread wine grape, and as far as Croatia is concerning, has got its best character in area Kutjevo by serious vintner Mr. Galić.

Kabaj Sauvignon Top 100

Top-quality dry wine, 13,0%, Goriška Brda

Jean-Michel Morel, known under KABAJ wines, has been praised by many wine critics and publications. Recently, Wine & Spirits Magazine named KABAJ - TOP 100 Winery of the Year. The wine is crystalline with intense golden yellow colour, playful in the glass. Its long-lasting bouquet is dominated by its minerality and soft honeyed wild flowers. The sensations from the nose repeat themselves in the mouth, minerality prevails, we can feel the notes of wood. Fresh wine with a long clean aftertaste.

Enjingi Venje / Barrique late harvest

High-quality semi-dry wine, 14,5%, Kutjevo

selected berries selection of late harvest - Graševina, Riesling, fragrant Traminer, Sauvignon and Pinot Gris. Venje had matured 18 months exclusively in oak and then was left to age in the bottle. Vintage 1998 is a world champion.

Cossetto Malvazija

High-quality dry wine, 12%, West Istria

Smell dominated by ripe fruit (peach, apricot, mango, lemon) and of coast , full, rounded, persistent, after a sip long taste. Therefore, the smell is less pronounced (gentle) reminiscent of ripe, tropical and citrus fruit, and the taste offers fullness, fleshness, harmony, and not so stressed freshness. This wine gets the Malmsey charm a bit later, in June, but therefore “stays in shape” for a longer period.

Kabaj Amfora Top 100

High-quality dry wine, 12,5%, Goriška Brda

After selection of grapes they are destemmed in kvevris – clay pots and are macerated after being fermented in their own yeast. During the first month the grapes are stirred manually - up to six times a day. The pots then remain closed for the next ten months. After this period the wine is poured into large oak barrels, where it is left to age for additionally. The wine is crystalline with an intensive yellow colour and shades of amber. Its bouquet is intense and refined. The first nose is honeyed, later its fruity aroma of orange peel and dried apple slices prevails, combined with hints of pepper spiciness. The sensation of fruitiness and honeyed taste persist in the mouth. A very complex wine. In combination with food it breaks down all the stereotypes.

Kos-Jurišić Chardonnay

High-quality dry wine, 12,0%, Donja Zelina

As one of the most popular wine grapes, it is believed to be named after the French village of Chardonnay. DNA analysis confirmed that the Chardonnay created (as well as many other wine varieties) by mixing between Pinot Blanc and Gouais which is a native Croatian grape variety, nowadays unpopular and almost extinct. One of the biggest advantages of Chardonnay is its variability, which makes it very popular. In my opinion, KOS’s chardonnay is one of the best versions in Croatia. Medium bodied and aromas are slightly floral expressed. A well-structured, very fresh and balanced.

Saint Hills Nevina

Top-quality dry wine, 13,6%, West Istria / malvazija 75% - chardonnay 25%
Fermented and sixth months matured in oak barrels before bottling. Authentic “first lady” of Istria enriched the world’s cosmopolitan but in discrete measures that are not obliterated authenticity but softly rounded body and a new dimension & charm of Malvazija.

Clai Ottocento Organic wine

High-quality dry wine, 14,5%, West Istria

This is a blend of Malvasia, Sauvignon and Pinot Gris. Each variety is represented in equal proportion. Its complex aroma, strong body and a rich extract are a result of natural fermentation on its own yeasts. It is a completely organic production, in Clai’s vineyards grow grass and flowers. He is a passionate winemaker who works by the intuition and has knowledge gained from curiosity. His wines are fermented in contact with the skins, exclusively on their own yeasts. Clai is not using a controlled fermentation but leaves wine to “cook” naturally, the way as it was once.

Crvik Malvasija Tesoro

Top-quality dry wine, 14,0%, Donji Konavli

Dubrovnik malvasija, late and poorly fertile grape variety particularly susceptible to powdery mildew. On the first nose thick, heavy and rough bitterness full sun and unclean aromatics which overcome the structural elements of wine. Very sensible and alcohol and acid hardly allow opening scent of cut green stems of garden weeds, over fresh basil, dried cloves, crossing fresh slit in lemon grated peel until the yellow flowers. Completely dry, powerful, pervasive, bitter and fleshy, viscous in the mouth is proud of its rustic and bursting with the power. The body fights flavors steel structure.

Kabaj Sivi Pinot Top 100

High-quality dry wine, 13,0%, Goriška brda

This Pinot Grigio is crystalline with a straw yellow colour and coppery shades. It has a pleasant fruity nose with a hint of green apple and a touch of floral scents. Its fruitiness is preserved in the mouth. Its minerality is expressed in a long fresh finish.

Traminac Iločki podrumi

Top-quality dry wine, 13,0%, Podunavlje, Srijem

Wine adorns the intense color of old gold. wine bouquet is very intense, accent is on a nutmeg with a strong scent of roses. The taste is full, meaningful, rich & powerful, but also fresh and potent.

Black wines

Korlat Cabernet Sauvignon Wines of the region of Zadar

Top-quality dry wine, 14,5%, Winery Badel, Benkovac

Wine of a very dark, deep, almost black color with a characteristic purple glow. The aroma profile is characterized by a wealth of different flavors such as plum, blueberry, black currant and discreet spice notes. The wine of a full, harmonious, concentrated flavor, a little more pronounced freshness with plenty of ripe tannins. Careful long-term care in oak barrels created this unique wine.

Petrač Karizma / Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot

Top-quality dry wine, 14,0%, region of Hrvatsko zagorje

Ruby red with intense purple reflection. Karizma is the flagship wine of Petrač Winery, a Bordeaux blend with predominant Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot. Plums and cherries, blueberries and blackcurrant form the basis of a fruity aromatic profile. The wine is dry, but luscious and well-balanced, with a full body and silky texture. Tannins are mature and abundant, intensifying the experience.

Korlat Sirah Wines of the region of Zadar

Top-quality dry wine, 14%, Winery Badel, Benkovac

Wine of a deep, dark red purple color and strong rich structure. This intense and concentrated wine offers spicy aromas of ripe berry fruits such as blackberries and black raisins. Strong odor complexity and personality contribute to the finely tuned aromas of coffee, dark chocolate and a discrete aroma of tobacco, which is part of the statement of the aromatic potential, and partly a result of caring of his wines in oak barrels. The wine is lively, warm, balanced, durable and mature.

Nadinska Rana Wines of the region of Zadar

Top-quality dry wine, 14,3%, Winery Vrsaljko, Nadin

Top quality dry wine with its exceptional quality resulting in combination of Syrah & Merlot. It is extremely rich in extracts. It has a nice ruby color and full flavor when drinking. All strength of Nadin area is concentrated in this wine!

Kraljevski vinogradi Crljenak Wines of the region of Zadar

Top-quality dry wine, 13,5%, Petrčane - Punta Skala
Crljenak is the old Croatian grape variety which dates back to the 15th century. It is scientifically proven that the American Zinfandel and Italian Primitivo are identical to Crljenak, which is in fact their ancestor. The wine is fruity, smooth, with soft aroma and intense red-ruby color. The aromas are accentuated with fruity charm of blueberries, blackberries, plums and raspberries. On the palate sensation of rounded, moderate tannins, very elegant structure and finely dosed wood.

Bura Dingač

Top-quality dry wine, 14,8 %, Winery Bura, Pelješac

Top-quality wine Dingač red in color with a slight brownish character typical of matured Plavac. The smell of fresh, rich aromas of ripe red berry fruit with characteristic gentle aromas of dried berries, additionally harmonized with discrete aromas of aging in wooden barrels. Harmonious balanced body, ripe, soft tannins, elegant and warm in the mouth.

Gracin Babić

Top-quality dry wine, 14%, Winery Gracin, Primošten

Babić wine aged in barrique barrels and has distinct notes of ripe berry fruit flavours accented with sour cherries with a light touch of spicy flavour. A pleasant scent accompanies a strong body, gently ripe tannins and harmonious acids. Wine of strong alcohol gives a sensation of warmth in the mouth and of course, leaves a long aftertaste. Vineyards Primošten, one of the more characteristic territories in the world, have given us another very interesting Babić.

Markus Plavac Mali

Top-quality dry wine, 14,5%, Pelješac-Zagreb

The most interesting is that those grapes have been matured in Zagreb, the better and more honest interpretation of Dingač terroir of market than other representative examples. The wine is softened to perfection, not too much wood and smokiness, without rough astringency, no spicy, yet not dissolves not even dissolves in sweetness as many copies despised. It stands firmly and steadily to clear gall edges and has a phenomenal aftertaste on berries and skins of grapes plavac mali. On nose evokes the typical Portuguese reds. Alcohols are not escaped and its measured power is only supporting its rich structure. A powerful wine with a great sense of gentleness.

Sontacchi Crni Pinot

Top-quality dry wine, 14%, Winery Tomaso Sontacchi, Vinkomir - Kutjevo

Top-quality dry wine, 14%, Winery Tomaso Sontacchi, Vinkomir - Kutjevo
Appelation Kutjevo, Vinkomir slope. Pinot noir 100%. All of the fruit was gently destemed and crushed. Fermentation in open vats with punching down method. Maturation – 12 months in used barrique barrels (Slavonian oak).

Sladić Lasina

High-quality dry wine, 12,5%, Winery Sladić, Plastovo-Skradin

Lasina is rare variety, which provides high-quality, gentle but in the same time serious wine. Unfiltered. Unique and honest. Live ruby color. Dried flowers. Ripe red fruit. Herbs. The selection of the best grapes yielded just 900 bottles. All grapes are hand picked from family vineyards, nourished with love thought that combines tradition & modern knowledge. I could say that this wine, with its unique carachter, is a genuine „Pinot Noir“ of Dalmatia.
This wine was aged in oak barrels for 14 months.

Erzetić Cabernet Sauvignon Amfora

Top-quality dry wine, 13%, Goriška Brda

In Brda Cabernet Sauvignon is exposed to its limits. In good vintages it shows well why Cabernet is so popular and highly regarded among Brda winemakers. Cabernet sauvignon is made out of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. After three weeks of maceration it has spend 18 month in partially new French oak and then maturated for 12 months in amphoras.

Movia Modro

Top-quality dry wine, 13,5%, Goriška Brda

There is no serious wine without truly strong grapes, rich and full of extract. And even such grapes offer incertitude. With Merlot, high quality grapes almost certainly augur a high quality, wonderful and grand wine. Not the case with Pinot Noir. In its adolescence it can quite unexpectedly veer off the right path. We are of the belief that we need to hold through until a very late harvest if we want to make a great Pinot Noir. Although it is actually one of the earliest varieties, we only harvest it towards the end of the grape harvest. This forces us to thin out the grapes and drop rotting grapes on the ground. We wait until the grapes almost completely sever their bond with the vine, when the stem almost completely dries up. This is when berries begin to partially dry up and a slight concentration of all the substances in the berries begins. Only then do we start to harvest.

Barolo Prunotto

Top-quality dry wine, 13,5%, Piemonte

Red in color with ample and complex aromas of violets and berry fruit, full and velvety in flavor and very balanced. Its structure and body make it an ideal match for meat and game dishes and for cheese. The Wine Advocate - “Prunotto’s 2009 Barolo shows austere aromas of pressed fruit, tar and licorice. With a little time in the glass, softer tones of spice and leather become more evident. It shows medium body with rock solid structure at the back.”

Rosé wines

Rose Calelarga Wines of the region of Zadar

High-quality dry wine, 12,0%, Winery Anić, Smilčić

Very fresh summer wine, gorgeous scents that give character of variety (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Crljenak, Plavina, Svrdlovina), the range of aromas of wild strawberries and ripe aromas of berries.

Galić Rose

High-quality semi-dry wine, 12,0%, Vallis Aurea, Kutjevo

Made of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot noir. It is distinguished by gentle and seductive rose hue typical for rose wines. Bouquet complements its hue and gives off wonderful fruitiness consisting of intertwined raspberry and strawberry aromas. Extraordinary mineral character with crisp acidity makes this wine truly summer refreshment.

Kabaj Rose Top 100

High-quality dry wine, 12,5%, Pinot noir, Goriška Brda

Jean-Michel Morel, known under; KABAJ wines have been praised by many wine critics and publications including Ed Behr’s “The Art of Eating”, Eric Asimov of the New York Times, Wine Enthusiast, Tasting Table National. Recently, on top of that, Wine & Spirits Magazine named KABAJ - TOP 100 Winery of the Year. Crystal, intense red brownish color with full of flavor. The aroma is dominated by freshness and also soft taste the late fruit. Minerality prevails and light notes of wood. Fresh wine with long clean aftertaste. Real serious rose with a degree.

Dessert wines

Cuj Špekula

Quality medium-sweet , 11,5%, Muškat istarski

Grassy and flowery basil and elderberry flower aromas, likes fruitcakes, but may also be served alone in good company.

Hektorovich Prošek

Top-quality medium-sweet, 15,0–16,0%, Hvar bogdanuša, maraština, prč, muškat

Srodan talijanskom Vin Santu i nekolicini drugih vrhunskih mediteranskih slatkih vina, prošek svoje korijene vuče izvorno iz obalnog dijela Dalmacije i Istre, gdje se jedino i proizvodi. Rađen tradicionalnom metodom, Prošek Hectorovich nastaje probiranjem zrelijih, suhvicama prošaranih grozdova s biranih položaja, koji se zatim suše na slami do mjesec dana. Rezultat je vino neodoljive slatkoće i dozrelih aroma grožđica, sušenog voća i marmelade...
Prošek Hectorovich dobio je ime po velikom hvarskom pjesniku, plemiću i hedonistu Petru Hektoroviću

Traminac Principovac

Exquisite selection vintage wine, 13,8%, Podunavlje, Srijem

Wine golden yellow with expressed honey notes and this wine typical botrytis tones. This is an extraordinary wine is full, harmonious and sweet taste.

Bodren Ledeno

Top-quality sweet wine, 9,0%, Hum na Sutli

PAn irresistible delight is associated with this delicious nectar that is deeply accentuated with distinctive characteristics of grape variety and specific quality of the icewine making process. This icewine is rich in honeyed flavours of cherry, carob, apple, melon and fig, gently stimulated by a touch of Botrytis Cinerea.
Silver medal - Decanter World Wine Awards, London, 2011
Silver medal - AWC Vienna

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