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Menu From the garden to the table

Cold entrees

Marinated sea plate

Premium mussels & prawns with rucola & sheep cheese

Smoked sea plate

With tuna, mussels with rucola, aceto balsamico, rock samphire
(an edible wild plant found in coastal regions of dalmatia) & extra vergine olive oil

Octopus “salad“

A local specialty with potatoes, onion, seasoning & extra vergine olive oil

Dalmatian smoked ham

Sheep cheese

Goat cheese Organic

S ekološkim pekmezom od „šinjorine smokve“® i crnim tartufom

Supplements / side dish

Different supplements

polenta (organic corn flour traditionally prepared), chickpeas, barleycorns with extra vergine oil, roasted or boiled potatoes, glazed vegetables, swiss chard (mangold), gnocchi, home-made pasta, grilled vegetables


Our home-made bread


Mixed salad

Seasonal salad

green...cabbage salad...carrot salad...beetroot...radicchio...
tomatoes... cucumber...

Rucola salad

Mediterranean salad

Seasonal mixed salad with onion, egg, cheese & olives

Tuna salad

Seasonal mixed salad with onion, cheese & tuna fish chunks in salad dressing

„Pet Bunara“ salad

Seasonal mixed salad with with wild rice, marinated anchovies, gambers, egg, cheese & olives

Meat dishes

Beefsteak “pet bunara“

In sauce with a dash of a local fig jam »šinjorina smokva®«, with smashed broad beans, glazed ricola (a classic technique to make vegetables taste amazingly) & black truffels


Duck (breasts) in a semi-sweet gravy made from local organic jam »šinjorina maruška®« with home-made pasta in bread crumbs

Filet mignon

Beefmeat rolled-in prosciutto in truffles with smashed broad beans & glazed rucola


on a “dalmatian way” with olive oil, garlic, parsley, mangold & broad beans

Turkey steak “pet bunara“

Punjen ekološkim pekmezom „šinjorinom smokvom“® pohan u bademovim listićima sa zapečenim šampinjonima

Veal chop

Grilled with roasted potatoes in rosemary

Sea dishes

Cape sante (shells)

BBQ or baked in scampi souce with cheese

John Dory (St Pierre/Peter's fish)

Fillet poached & served with mangold with smashed broad beans

Premium fillets

Baked in foil with seasonal vegetables n.b. preparation time approx. 30 min.!

Sea bass

Fillet rolled with scampi with smashed broad beans

Sea bass

Fillet poached in almond slices with glazed vegetables

Tuna steak

BBQ grilled with glazed vegetables

Traditional dishes

Octopus with chickpeas („halfwarm dish“)

With onion, seasoning, aceto balsamico & extra vergine olive oil

Brodetto Organic

A stewed cuttlefish with broad beans, peas & grilled cornflour (polenta)

Cuttlefish Organic

With chickpeas

Dalmatian pašticada Organic

A dalmatian beef specialty with home-made gnocchi or grilled polenta in sweet-sour sauce

„Benkovačka vara“ Organic

A traditional dalmatian inland thick soup with grains & legumes




Soupe of the house Organic



Warm entrees

Orzo-tto Organic

Barley with local mussels lightly smoked (like regular risotto however with orzo)

Homemade noodles

With scampi & zuccini

Pasta „negre“

Homemade pasta with black truffels in cream souce

Noodles “pet bunara“

Home-made pasta with sliced/chopped beef fillet and porcini mushrooms in cream sauce

Ravioli „Pet Bunara“

Home-made ravioli stuffed with curd cheese with scampi in delicious sauce with a dash of organic local fig jam “šinjorina smokva“®

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Restaurant Pet Bunara


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Ulica obitelji Stratico 1, Zadar
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Restoran Pet Bunara Zadar

Restoran Pet Bunara Zadar